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    Advance SC350™ Battery Operated Micro Scrubber - 14.5"   Nobles® Scout™ 3B Battery Walk-Behind Sweeper - 34"
ProGen™ 12 Upright - 12"

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Advance SC351™
Battery Operated Micro Scrubber - 14"

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  3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector w/Scotchgard™
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Strive with ReadySpace

Remove the barriers to cleaning carpet.
Your carpeted spaces cleaned and ready to use in less than 30 minutes

Nobles pioneered commercial extraction technology. Now with Strive, Nobles has engineered the most effective deep extractor in the industry. Strive's unsurpassed performance stems from two important innovations:

Dual Counter-Rotating Brushes - Double agitation and counter-rotation separate more soil from both the front and back of carpet fibers, all in one machine pass.

Superior Vacuum Lift - More power means more dirt and debris is lifted out of the carpet and disposed in the recovery tank.

Nobles® Strive™ Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner

Two Machines in One – In minutes, the machine can be converted to a more traditional walk-behind carpet extractor with two cylindrical, pile-lifting scrubbing brushes.

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